Jennifer Meador

JenniMeador-1000Jenni Meador was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to New York City to study theater at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus, where she received her BA in spring of 2013. An actress all her life, she was surprised and excited by the discovery of a new passion when she began directing. She reveled in the new challenges, and took on a double concentration in performance and directing, believing that the interdisciplinary study would best strengthen and develop her as an artist. She has also worked in New York as a costume designer, lighting designer, and assistant stage manager. She applies her understanding of the actor’s process to her rehearsal structure and directing technique, so that better communication between the artists can lead to new and deeper discoveries. Her love for Shakespeare was nurtured under the instruction of Stephen Skybell, a preeminent Shakespearean actor, focusing on the marriage of meticulous text work and physical expression. Upon graduating, she has dived fully into the New York theater scene, developing new work, and will be directing an independent student project at the Julliard School of Drama in spring 2014. Some favorite directing credits include The Devil and Billy Markham by Shel Silverstein, Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl, and High Upon the Gallows Tree by Sean Patrick Monahan (Grand Prize winner at Manhattan Repertory Theater’s Spring Play Festival 2012).