Maya Sabina Wojcik

Maya WojcikMaya Wojcik has always been interested in creative expression through movement. She believes that in today’s computer-centric world, without fluidity and freedom of physical expression, the body becomes unhealthy and out of balance. “We must work hard on our mindfulness and regularly disconnect from technology in order to listen to our bodies.” – Maya’s motto

From the young age of three she took ballet and movement classes, and remained with it through university. Born to musician parents, Maya was raised playing the piano. Though her family is Polish and she was raised in the New York City area, Maya attended the French-American School of New York for ten years, where she discovered her talent for languages and writing. There she perfected her French and her Spanish. As a secondary school student, she chose to be in a dance performing arts program, and participated in several school-wide dance productions as dancer and choreographer for her school’s annual Kinesthesia production.

Maya first heard about yoga in 1999, when she was seventeen. A close friend and neighbor, acclaimed Hungarian actress Iren Bordan, was just receiving her yoga certification. Maya participated in some of the first yoga classes Iren taught, and she was hooked from that point on. Though she went on to study Journalism for her Bachelor’s degree, at Purchase College in New York, she remained true to her practice, even enrolling in a college course for credit in classic Hatha yoga.

After college, Maya spent eight years working intermittently in scientific publishing at Nature journal as an editor, as well as in early childhood education. She received her 200 hour yoga certification in 2009 in Greenwich, Connecticut, at Kaia Yoga.

She spent two years (2010-2012) working as a teacher’s assistant at the first public bilingual French-American School in New York. There, in addition to her work, she was teaching yoga to grades K-4. She also taught adult yoga classes in private studios as well as individually.

In 2012, she was accepted to the Master’s program in Language and Literacy at City College of New York and simultaneously was offered a job in scientific publishing at Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. where she currently works. As part of her Master’s program, in 2013 she will study at Universite Diderot in Paris for a semester. After graduation, Maya aspires to live abroad and teach English to adult learners. She is currently learning Portuguese and hoping to travel to Brazil and Portugal.