Our Mission

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The International Festival Chopin & Shakesperare and the Summer Academy is a unique entity. It encompasses music and theater to set forth a forum for the exchange of creative ideas. In this elegant XVIII-th century historic setting of Palace Lubostron we are celebrating the arts with chamber music concerts ranging from Baroque to Modern Music as well as rehearsals and performances of Shakespeare's wonderful comedy "Midsummer Night's Dream". Unseparable from the Festival is the Summer Academy, the professional training program for instrumentalists and singers. The artists in residence, all professional musicians and theater director offer a challenging curriculum for aspiring students. Every individual will be carefully guided, encouraged and promoted and will have a chance to receive professional performance experience.
The creativity is derived form the intelectual process of perception and expression. Practicing and performing will be the goal for our students, who will enjoy giving concerts in the beautiful Palace.

The aim of the Festival and School is to augment the intelectual horizons and develop the eloquence of learing in depth as this is the only way to reach the philosophical meaning of all arts.
Therefore the School is offering an array of interesting, highly sophisticated lecturers with pictures, recordings and films conducted in English by the French scholar Professor Jean-Yves Patte-an art historian, philosopher, lawyer, musicologist, etnographer, archivist, scenographer, Radio presenter at France-Music and singer.
The lecturers are recommended for everyone.

The titles of the lecturers are:
Chopin in Europe
Chopin and George Sand in Nohant
Chopin and the last "Bel Canto"
Chopin and Liszt
Chopin and Delacroix
"The Salon" during th  XIX-th century
Romanticism in Europe-lecturers about philosphy and art
The Dark Angel of Romanticism
Fashion of XIX-th century
The Art of Music in XIX-th and early XX-th century through old recorings.

Great Singers form Bel Canto to Verismo.
Famous Pianists from the Romantic Era.
Old recordings of symphony orchestras versus new recordings.
Great Famous Soloists and Great Unknown Soloists.

First long silent film about Chopin 1927 "La Valse de L'Adieu.
Long silent film-1925 "Le Fantome de l'Opera"
and other films.

The format of the School encompasses also "back to nature" approach, the Wellness & Yoga program and the recreation in this enchanting, rustic landscape of the Kujawy region, the river Notec, the lakes and hills and the excursions to different interesting sides.
Poland is very proud to be the first country in the world to form in 1773 the National Education Commission in Warsaw.
The concept of illumination, enlightment and restoration of values set in the past by the great European artists and scholars is to us an absolute priority.